I don’t have a problem with gender because it’s a social construct.

I have a problem with gender because it’s a social construct that exists to justify and maintain male power over females by constructing a masculine identity out of culturally valued principles, and a feminine one out of actions and behavior intended to support female weakness.

THIS. People think “social construct” is the same as “irrelevant” or “inherently bad”. The truth is, your strong feelings towards feminist issues are also social constructs. Primate societies (esp baboons) experience frequent infanticide and mass rapes when a new alpha male takes control. The idea that these are bad things that should never happen are social constructs. Race, like gender, is a social construct, but to claim that race and gender don’t exist is to seriously understand what culture means.

Social constructs are not evil, they just are not biologically determined. They can be cruel or unfair, and we should definitely think critically about how they affect individuals.